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Rastrasant bhaiyyu maharaj | spritual leader | social reformer

Bhaiyyu Maharaj

Param Pujya Rastra Sant

Shri Udaysingh Deshmukh, better known as Bhaiyyu Maharaj, is a Saint by all the dictionary definitions, The handsome, well built, charismatic, learned, talented and gifted Guru is in his early thirties and has been well recognized as the Rastra Saint (“राष्ट्र संत”), from his age of five The Saint is always compassionate towards the woes and worries of the people. The woes and worries could be physical, spiritual or otherwise; but a Saint is concerned about providing solace to the difficulties faced by the common man. Param Pujya Bhaiyyu Maharaj performs each and every of these but does some things neigh many more than these.

The Indian Culture and Civilization has a great importance to a Saint or Guru. The Saint serves the community in more than one way. He explains them the meanings of life. He influences the religious, spiritual, social, cultural and even financial and political aspects of an individual. He is revered more than a king or than one’s own parents.

P. P. Bhaiyyu Maharaj is recognized by the service he renders, by the thoughts he percolates, by the direction he provides, by the aims of making this great Nation a spiritual leader of the world ones again, by his vision of futuristic India. In fact these aspects would introduce his life more appropriately than other worldly aspects with which we are usually acquainted. Like any other great acts, taking place in the world, Shri Bhaiyyu Maharaj’s activities commenced with small things. No sooner than the people made him aware of the divine powers in him, he decided to utilize them selflessly and only for the welfare of the people. The people started flocking around him for guidance, reprieve and relief and he provided these to one and all. However, his thoughts were occupied more with the woes, pains and miseries of such people who could not come to him for the financial or other reasons and started planning to provide them relief through several welfare projects. One project started materializing after another in this direction. He has established “Shri Sadguru Datta Dharmik Evam Parmarthik Trust” in order to materialize his thoughts and concepts in reality. It is registered with the Charity Commissioner, Indore under the Public Trust Act 1951. The Government of India has granted the Certificate under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act for the donations given to this Trust.

From handful scholarships to poor but aspiring students, the number has now grown to more than 11,000. He has stopped accepting offerings in the form of flowers, sweets, etc. and has appealed that the amount may be spared for such scholarships. This has evoked rousing response. Similarly, in this era of competitive survival, neck breaking or throat cutting competitive examinations for the jobs in public sectors by a large number of aspirants for a few posts; he has set up several “Free Lancing Institutes”, where one can get effective guidance at nominal charges. The opportunities for jobs in Government or other organizations are dwindling very fast. Younger generation would have to look up for self-employment. Youth is confused as to which occupation should he/she choose. Shri Bhaiyyu Maharaj has prepared a list of about 800 such occupations and is now planning and designing training courses in some of them. Few of such occupations have already been launched. In order to raise the religious literacy rate and to create awareness on nationalism, he has opened libraries of books on religious aspects and on freedom struggle at several places including the prisons. An S.O.S. Children’s Village is being organised for the destitute children at Indore.

A large number of people are facing scarcity of water. This is mainly due to the human disturbance to the environment. He advocates large scale Tree Plantation. He has resolved to plant 11,11,111 trees all over India. We have so far planted about 6,00,000 trees and ensured their survival. In case we neglect the environment, he contends that, the number of people so suffering would grow from 40 Crore to 400 Crore in next 25 years in the world. He has designed many a project of watershed development, to harness the rainwater, to make better land water use, to raise water table levels, to increase the productivity of the lands. He has proposed total solution for rural development through academic treatment i.e. by establishing the Rural Universities in Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka. The Government of India is actively considering the proposal for adoption of the concept at the national level.

Shri Bhaiyyu Maharaj is all set to launch a National “Anemia Eradication Campaign”. He believes that the strong bodies will contain strong minds, which would make the Nation strong. Several Free Health Camps are being organised, for distribution of medical relief, for drawing health profile of the region and for searching possible solutions thereto. Free medicines are provided to poor people. In the spirit of setting the example, as in the case of scholarships, he has turned his attention to the people suffering from the drought in Rajasthan, by adopting 25 villages by providing nutritious food supplement for one year. He has adopted 1200 anemic children of Indore and Hoshingabad districts for one year. Looking to the services P. P. Bhaiyyu Maharaj is rendering to the society, the State Bank of Indore has donated an ambulance van fitted with complete equipments for trauma and other treatment and for providing the first-aid, preliminary investigations and stabilizing the critical patient before reaching the nearest hospital and manned by the trained Doctor and Para-medicos
In order to fulfill the spiritual needs of people; he has designed novel projects; some of which are;
“Bharat Mata Mandir” at Indore and several other places;
“Nisarga Sadhna Kendra” at Indapur in Pune district;
“Bhartiya Sanskruti Gyan Mandir evam Rishi Sankul” at Khamgaon;
“VishwaNath Shanti Shodh Evam Prasar Kendra” at Nimkarda in Akola district;
“Vande Mataram National Foundation” at Popatkhed in Akola district.

Each of these projects has specific aims and novel objectives. One of the innovative projects he has designed is, to set up a “Sant Nagari” in which the memoirs of saints of all religions who occurred in India in last 3500 years and who influence the people even today, at one place. He has been instrumental in renovating several dilapidated neglected temples, mosques and other places of worship.

Shri Bhaiyyu Maharaj releases his thoughts through his sermons, preaches, Pravachans, discourses, poems, stanzas, writings; occasionally as well as periodically and are published through various media. His main aims are towards good religion, strong nation, total devotion, mutual self-respect and eternal efforts to improve the quality of life. He prefers to rely on one’s efforts and self help. He has resolved that he will spare no efforts to make his country so great that all the people of the World would accept her leadership in the spiritual matters, which would be a lasting phenomenon. He is busy fulfilling his promises to his motherland. This is his introduction. If you want to know him better, you have to understand his work and thoughts better.