1. Suryodaya Jal Sandharan & Sanrakshan Abhiyan  (Water Conservation Scheme)

2. Dharti Putra Sewa Abhiyan (A campaign to solve all kinds problems of farmers &  to prevent them form suicides)

3. Bhoomi Sudhar Abhiyan (A campaign to enhance the soil fertility and providing them knowledge of organic farming and other modern farming techniques )      

4. Krishi Teerth (An Information center for farmers to provide all farming related information, solution ,and guidance to increase the production)

5. Seed Distribution to Farmers (Free Seed Distribution)

6. Suryoday Model Village, Kapileshwar (An Ideal village to make it self dependent  and with all modern facilities like Solar energy generators, Bio-Gas Based Captive Power Generation Cum Composting  Plant, Self help groups to promote self employment )

7. Soil and Water Testing Labs (To Provide information and solution  related to soil and water to farmers)  

8. Tankar Free Village
(A campaign run in drought prone area to solve the water crises in villages)

9. Agricultural Equipment Park

10. Non-Conventional Energy Park

11. Indrashay Yojna

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